Missing Celebrities, Have you seen them lately?


5/ Kerry Katona  

Celeb photo 1She was a big celeb here! Sure she skipped down the aisle to say in lush Liverpool accent ‘’I do’’ to  a member of Ireland’s Royal family ,Prince Brian McFadden. The Tabloids did flash! Than the Mega cool callini who was practically from the local parish now won I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. However the fiery lights of fame started to Flicker. Good news became bad  news and then  the tabloids in Muhammad  Ali style will knock ya out  before pressing delete as the  battered and Celeb they see as  no  longer worth the price of their  precious ink!


4/Mark Feehily

download (3) The former Westlife (remember the famous cover band) ; member  must be lost in the shamrocks somewhere with a pot of gold! Man you got to fight your way back into the not so loyal pages of celebrity news. Like surely Nikki or Cian could pop you a job in old Radio Telifis Eireann.




3/ Chantelle Houghton

celeb 3Come on, come you remember her? The non-celebrity who walked into Celebrity  Big Brother and  guess what? She won! And what happens for a about six months when One wins that once upon a time hugely successful Big Brother, You become Paparazzi lover! She won and then gave in to celebrity gossip magazines and married fellow Big Brother contestant Samuel Preston (No I don’t known him either). Then she and slipped from the gossip columns. So guess what they did? Divorced and they were back in the tabloids for a while. However she’s definitely not making the celebrity headlines anymore.


  2/ Nadine Coyle

 celeb 4 In 2010 the Derry born  widely loved Nadine  went solo  and produced her own album ,which she somehow  thought would  become a best seller by  only being sold in Tesco…eh no sadly not Nadine .Since you’ve been  making all the wrong moves in the fame game. Sometimes you  need  more  than the Tagline ‘Every Little Helps’. Maybe Centra would have got them moving …Free with a Chicken Roll! They would have been hopping off the shelves!


1/Macauley Culkin

celeb 5Culkin hit fame and fortune in his childhood, becoming a star  at  10 in the Hollywood  film homealone . Surprisingly he has become one of the most tragic, once loved, stars to disappear from the spotlight. He hasn’t appeared in very little since 1994 and there seems  to no                                                            twinkle twinkle left in this lost star.







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