The Last Smile

Eddie turned left, followed by his ever silent shadow. Though not so little, Eddie wasn’t known for his footstep fondness, he would normally hitch a ride on the last bus , however tonight had been as Eddie said ‘’a pitiful pain in his awesome ass’’ and therefore he thundered down Notagan Street before hitting Daisy alley . Now you may believe that sounds like a pleasant street and you would be correct. It was, during the day with the grass beside the patch covered by blossoming wild flowers. Nevertheless at night people tended to avoid the shadowy short cut. Maybe it could be because of Vicky ‘’ The Smiley Victim’’ or it could be because of what Eddie believed ,the dingy smell that eclipsed the alley at night. The Smell flowed like the Thames from the busty bins of Christy’s Crispy Chips, which the rats of Notagen were said to be delighted with Quality of the Left over menu.

I suppose one should tell the tale of terror. Well Vicky,Vicky Fortune in full, had sought a shortcut 7 years ago. She had only been 14 years old and she was fuelled by the fever of young love! Looking back she shouldn’t of been out so late. Nevertheless her family couldn’t have known her fate! Tears did flood the little town . Afterwards Fear had troubled the community. A fear fuelled by all the confusion and  zilch of evidence .Oh one more little thing was Vicky’s final facial expression; a puzzle for the police was Victoria Fortune’s final Smile!

To be continued…


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