The Five Worst Tunes of This Millennium

5/ Nicki Minaj -Stupid hoe (2012)
This has 80millon plus views on Youtube and honestly for me is not so mysteriously  linked to headaches. As Nicki as says she’s the female Weezy ,that leaves me queasy !

4/ Fast Food Rockers- Fast Food Song! (2003)
Aww wasn’t this a tasty Song!…Puke yet! The weird thing is I seriously believe this was heavily endorsed by the big guns in the fast food market. The Worse part is….can you feel it, a tingle on tongue ,a need for fast food.

3/ Las Ketchup – The Ketchup Song(2002)
….Emmm, Pass some sauce please! This was one major hit, It was number one in so many countries, 19 in fact! I know it’s a Crazy World. Looking back now it’s definitely lost that raunchy taste. A bit like HP sauce, you think ya kind of like it…but than go…Hmmm naaaa!

2/ Rebecca Black –Friday (2012)
Ooh the Internet…Such a mean place. It’s hard not to feel for the misfortunate wannbe be popstar .However she got fame and maybe discovered the dark side of it very quickly. Friday was tremendously terrible yet some dodgy roads can lead you to good times, like Miss. Black featuring on Katy Perrys Video for Last Friday Night! Now give one last listen to this gloriously painful song!

1/ Crazy Frog – Axel F (2005)
In the far far away distant future (when having fun won’t be funky) people will look at some horrifying historic events of the early  21st century and be intrigued, then they’ll stumble on this hit of  the naughty’s and they’ll scream…at the evil and horrendous musical Demon that was Crazy Frog.


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