Off the Ball World Cup Wonders

5/World Cup anthems are inspiring…Well Except for this one!

In the World Cup you need Skill, Creativity and a lot of training! All three are well hidden in World Cup 2014 Official Song ‘’We are the One’’ performed in the opening ceremony by Jennifer and Pitbull. Not only did they vocally not perform well, but visually the show was poor too. OH Jennifer we expected more

4/ World Cup War Zidane loses his head

Do you remember it? When Zidane, the French football hero, hit the headlines in the 2006 World Cup finals for a….majestic free kick?, an exquisite goal creating pass? Eh no not quite.

3/ Dreams can come true…If you’re totally insane!

We all lived a world cup dream. where our fingers would grasp the golden trophy of football. I guess that’s why this man surged on to the holy land of the World Cup and tried to steal the trophy.

2/ There’s a lot of talent…natural Talent!

It’s a beautiful game with some truly amazing players who have some very talented wives!

1/ At every World Cup somebody uses their silky skills to rise to the top!

He may not win the Golden boot, nevertheless you must admire this gentlemen’s ability! He’s got the tricks, pace and agility. He’s a star.


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