Your heart beats a final song

Your heart beats, a final song

They say you’re already gone

So much Life, what did go wrong?

Here is not where you belong


Auntie’s cry

We beg doctors

To try

How can

They let you die

Your wife, the love of your life

Holds your wilted hand

Daughters and sons

Your Pride and joy

All your love ones

At your side, every breath


I waited in the silent corridor,

Terrified by what’s was in store,

Uncles staring at the ground,

New courage found, with,

Tough men who do not weep,

Yet misty eyes,

Showed emotions ran deep.

Then the moment came,

I heard you were gone,

Holy men said god had taken you,

Heaven is now were you belong.

I heard the sobs and wails,

Through the walls, I felt the grief,

Their pain pierced my heart,

For a moment I felt god was a thief.


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