The Weird and Whacky Videos of the Web

The internet has allowed us to share our creativity in a way that was not too long ago impossible. It also allows one to express the weird and quirky side of their personality or preserve and publicise moments of madness that they may wish forgotten.

Here is a collection of some of the oddest videos from to the home of videos YouTube.

1) Do you like me now!!

This girl is a little crazy, for the first couple seconds I thought see was being really funny, don’t get  me wrong ,she is funny, but as the video progresses you begin to get the feeling that she may actually be having a minor breakdown. Watch and decide is, she a very convincing actor or actually just insane?

2) Pass the Salt

It took a while for me to figure out exactly what was going on in this video, but when I did, I was amazed. However the scientific experiment the makers claim to be making is questionable.


This is Music video from The Residents, what could be so strange about a music video? Well a lot actually. Below is what one YouTube user believes the video means

‘’The falling man represents mankind (or Americans)- powerless, fat, and out of control. The head represents the dumb masses. You can tell by the speech pattern, tone, and accent. The head is controlled, b/c it can only see what it is shown- it remains oblivious to reality. As a result, the masses are docile and controlled like slaves or sheep. The black skull is the Illuminati: controlling what the masses see and think.The eyes are the aristocracy- intelligent and able to SEE reality’’.

Or maybe a creation of mindless nonsense?

4) Rusty Spoons

Salad Fingers is a lonely green man, who lives in the middle of nowhere. This is a creation of animation, where the viewer is contemplates what kind of cocktail of drugs the cartoonist is on. Salad fingers is  an eerie and unlovable cartoon character, its hard to see this cartoon character  ever being developed in a soft toy.

Oh and he likes rusty spoons…

5) Leaping cow

Daddy wouldn’t buy this teenager a horse, but she thought outside the box….miles outside the box. Farmers’ daughters of the country, watch and learn.

6) Freaky Animals

One of the weirdest videos on YouTube would have to be of the weirdest animals on the planet. However, the human is definitely stranger than most of these.

7) You’re taking the piss

There are certain things that come into people heads, silly ideas, but normally these weirder ideas are suppressed .But there’s always one. Also if there was ever needed an example of negative peer pressure, here’s it! On second thought this video is weird, very weird.

8) Random madness

Animation does seem the the prefect platform for  strange creations.This may be odd, although unlike the above mentioned rusty spoons,it is also.very funny.

9) Life for some people is an uphill battle

Like this drunken student who’s attempting to climb a grassy hill at limerick student races

One step at a time!

10) You guys are so Crazzzy!

I don’t think this is actually the weirdest video t in the history of universe. Yet the oddness is more confusing, why record and uploads this to YouTube??? Suppose it’s to show the world when these guys party they party hard!

 Sure you’ll have one more

This final video for the  weird and wacky web, it is a complication of the funniest and strange videos of the web. Oh where did all us weirdo’s hangout before internet?


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