Your Alternative Five A Day

Your Alternative Five a Day!

 A Tweet

A tweeter that is worth following is Joey Barton .This guy’s is what I will politely describe as a ‘Character’. If you’re fan of the so called ‘beautiful game’ then you will no doubt know and probably have an opinion on Joey Barton. The bad boy footballer has made impact on the twitter sphere with surprisingly philosophical tweets (we don’t usually think of footballers in the realms of Twain or Sophocles). Tweeting quotes from Nietzsche and self-composed tweets such as

‘’There’s safety in the herd but never enlightenment or individualism’’.

Something from eh…the weirder side of the web…that I always end up in by …. Mistake!

Bubole is weird….but brilliant, if you’re a little weird and let’s face it we all are! Bubole is cool animation style Flash site that allows you to design Monsters (Come on you know that’s what all normal people dream about a night). Better still you get to take on monsters created by other freaks ahem…Sorry users. So if you’re a little weird and have some downtime, why not spend it at the immensely funny Babole .

New emerging or unsigned band (because we’re cool like that)

Call Atlantis-   are a Birmingham five some, who are still as band in their relative  infancy  .They would seem to have been heavily influenced by Paramore; however they are most definitely talented in their own right. If your fan of pop – rock, their well worth a listen. Their biggest single to date; Past Regrets Future Threats is most definitely worth giving a listen.

A page turner

Wolf of the Plains by Conn Iggulden, the first book in the conquer series, is a tale of historical fiction that’s charts the rise of   the great Mongol empire under Genghis Khan. The story’s based at the time of the great Mongol empire of the 11th century, brings to life the cruelty and brutality   struggle for power, of the times. The book plot tells the tales from what of the greatest and ferrous   empires ever built .Iggulden blends historical facts beautifully with well written, fast paced fiction.

Share a smile – Cause let’s face it; life in this world can be one hell of a dark alley some days.

This hilarious video will give you, food for thought the next time you’re biting into a big Mac. It’s   a humorous song telling a story of what cow, who is presumably Che Guevara bovine cousin. Beware these animals are moo’ed off and they’re about to fight back, reinforced by chickens in choppers.


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