Your alternative 5 a Day

Your  five a Day!!

 A Tweet

Okay first tweeter to follow is Jenna Marbles

She’s what the internet calls a YouTube sensation…and to be honest the girl is quite LoL-able. So it’s definitely worthwhile if you haven’t already, checking out her weekly videos on YouTube.

Here’s a link for her Twitter  #!/Jenna_Marbles

Something from eh…the weirder side of the web…that I always end up in  by  eh …. Mistake!

Okay this week from my days travelling the ahem….back roads of the interweb, I introduce to you…ZOMBO.COM .You can do anything at Zombo com! D

I don’t think I should say any more,   here’s the link

 New emerging or unsigned band (cause  We’re  cool like that)

Eugene McGuinness okay firstly I may admit he’s not that new but he’s been brewing under radar for a while now, So if  you  haven’t  felt the waves he’s been making, maybe  give a little listen


Check him out here:

 A  page turner

Here’s   the page turner, it’s from a now sadly deceased writer called David Gemmell.  He  was a fantasy writer ,before fantasy hit the mainstream heights of  today, I would recommend of course  reading  nearly all his  back catalogue , as  they are  pretty  Epic!!! , but the book I would recommend, starting at the beginning, with Gemmell’s first book from 1984, Legend. Legend is a back against the wall tale, which through its pace and setting really drags the reader to the frontline of  the action.



Share a smile, – Cause let’s face it; life in this world can be one hell of a dark alley some days.

Nothing ‘s as cheerful  as happy kids, well maybe not always, like they be perfect, if you could keep them with all the other cute little animals, in like petting zoo or something, Like  people  might even pay to see them.

Anyways even the toughest heart of steel and something stronger than concrete, couldn’t help going Awwww! At this little dote singing’ If I die young’ by a Band Perry.

Here’s the Link


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