Sunken in the Sea of Pessimism

I got a picture,
Of them grey blue eyes.
Now another painful
Swallowing of my cut ties.

Blindness now, of deep thought.
Search this mind of memory,
For those last word, Aye
Punishment of a man that drifted off.

Bitten lips, a call to abort
Worthless of unchangeable remembrance.
Deserved, I state internally,
But, Bitter this swallowing of life’s sores.

A Song With That Something A Film That Moved Me , And Sevens Words of Everyday Thought!

A Song With That Something– Echosmith – Cool Kids

Catchy, is this song. Plus, don’t everyone at some stage want to be like the cool kids? Truth of course is that we can only be ourselves, that’s one of every individuals  greatest traits. #TrueIdenity

A Film That Moved Me- The Way

There is some films that can scare you to your wits end, many can make you laugh, but this movie was special because it made me think! It also showed me Camino of Santiago, portrayed perfectly how people do things for different reasons, and how so many are searching, in what looks like a treasured experience. Wishful, I certainly am, that one day I will experience this walk that is somewhat is undefinably invaluable, which the films portrays perfectly.

Sevens Words of Everyday Thought- 

Second-takes, Tested-ambitions, Stepping-stones, Natural.

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2015 William English Greyhound Derby

wimbledon-traps1-628x285The lights were not on- but the performance of the pulsating night was glowing!

Wimbetion a stadium where doors can nearly be heard creaking for renovation, Nevertheless, we have seen so often that no special effects are needed to astound the audience.

I was watching in a near bookies, a Racing Post TV link, to the canine classic that is the William Hill Greyhound Derby.

The time was a little past 9.08 and we heard the call ‘’ The Hare is on move’’ from the silver tongued Errol of RPGTV.

And….Trap rise and out in front is….you see to commentate on a greyhound race you need to grasp of the rapid events, and therefore is Errol’s talent, he doesn’t give a lame, ‘’ Its Six from Two and four’’, no he takes an intake of breath and lets the exasperation of the event blast into the speaker.

Breathless by the pickup is the sign of quality.

Anyways, I back to the £250,000 480 metres.

‘’ It’s all about the break’’ is an anthem of opinion amongst greyhound racing enthusiasts, however, there has been so many exceptions to that rule that its importance must not be overvalued.

A Classic Example

All Are In

A roar erupted to such a volume that one could believe that the old, near antique, stadium had been refurbished, and now resembled a Rome Coliseum.

The trap rise and all dices have been rolled, but, they will roll for four bends.

Farloe Blitz the favourite was rapidly away. The mind is ready to call victory, but, a derby is not that predicable, its exhilarating flair is its unpredictability, anything could happen and in just 28 seconds there will be congratulations and commiserations.

Like all sports single event can have many stories.

As the finalists enter the back straight Owen McKenna’s plans seemed to be working to perfection. However, the derby is a battle and many were chasing his tail. Favourite backers cheer,but reality reads no script, judges no form.

Eyes cast back to Eden The Kid, but the night’s hero would take flight into the third bend and seize control. Rio Quattro’s night, his trainer and associates were going to achieve the prized trophy.

2015 was the Dan Riordan’s Year and we would be lucky to be gifted with the Performance of Rio Quattro, who was once 80-1 in the Ante Post.

A Gallant second was Patricks Cronin’s Tynwald Bish, and third went to the very young, rising star, Eden The Kid.

Marking The Card

The Story of Dan Riordan in the game for over 30 years is nearly heroic as he battled a stroke only last year to win the world’s richest greyhound race, and indeed carries the a strong message Never Give Up!


To Be Or Not To Be or What Next?

It’s summer and I’m finally finished college. So I enjoy a sleep in …and another !

However, that tingling motions of mind, enter before I rest at night. Indeed, my mind is trapped within a tornado of swirling thoughts in what I self-define as ‘’What’s Next Akwardoly Syndrome’’!

Thankfully, eventually my mind tends to kick these thoughts out, and I nod off!

Nevertheless, the dreaded question is so frequently asked, ‘’ What would you get out of that degree?’’
Or would that degree get you a job in……Or the darkest of them all, ‘’ What’s next now’’.
Hollow is the voice of mine, which stammers, ‘’ a well, I could do….’’Uncertain that I can actually do this that I state!

You see, my degree was an English & History. Now, you possibly understand my problem.
The Degree, I did this after a 1 year course in journalism; a course I finished with the belief that I was going to be a journalist- a damn good one too!

I did that journalism course mid- recession and although I wanted the profession; I would decide to defer my dreams and get a degree that would make my CV more shiny and sparkly!

Consequently, it’s not that the wish to work in the media has vanished. Rather that I know that the path of media is as overcrowded as Irish pubs at Christmas!

Secondly, I know it sounds bad, but after a four year degree programme I should maybe get a year to think about my future? Maybe whisper the words ‘’ A year out ‘’. Or Maybe not, as I shudder at the answer.

Therefore, The truth is I would prefer to decline to answer these questions of innocent conversation.
Or {Yes this piece is littered with ORS] possibly remain firm on my wish- that is to become a Journalist. Like surely it is I who shall choose to blow out the candles of my dreams!
…Strangely, Elton John and Candle in the wind has entered my head. Perhaps, a metaphor for my dreams sliding away. Is that a tear in my eye, or my recent recurring hayfever.
My mind, is slipping into its own world; a cup of caffeine is dare I say, seriously in need.

Is pondering thoughts worthless? Is that our minds own unique way of distracting you from what I wish not to discuss, my future.

Currently, if Facebook had a section for Mental Status mine would read – Common Confusion.
So the question is? Hold on to a dream? Or take a look down another avenues?


Priceless, A Death Without a Knock


Isn’t it a bit
Unamusing, the way
life walks by,
without a wave,
But, a silent goodbye.

Face faded
like a flower,
that never bloomed.
Eye’s on the mirror
Seek, but no peak, at a best before.

Oh Lord,what was it?
Forgive my wordless prayers.
I am regretful, of the blindness
to the light of your kindness,
hidden my trust, like a signature in dust.

Empty echoes, words of search
spinning the soul
of a lost mind.
What once was renowned
now declared unfound.

What was dignity has
departed, as a need is
now. Sanity with in, upon this
body in despair-Brain left
on a train, on track to desperation.

Mimed is the announcement
that the last stop is ahead
Ambitions now lost
Apologies now due, too deserted dream
so much past, little in

future. Deal made now.
Death and Life share a drink,
it is so natural morality
A shake hand-reality
Calmness as a Soul departs.

If I Was An Animal…..

Which one would I like to be? Okay I know that’s a weird question but isn’t the weird what’s interesting. Come on like everybody’s seen a cat cuddling into somebody and been envious of the heavenly strokes of love that Cat received .Likewise Dogs  are apparently man’s best friend, they  just roll over cutely, play dead and  then get the divine tummy rub  back to life. Are we not a little Jealous? Would we’d all not love a tummy rub. Anyhow what Animal would I like to be?

Well   I’ve already been talking about cats, nevertheless would I really like to be one? Now I love how compCatared to dogs their very  independent and I’m  an Independent individual  so obviously that’s a plus and  in addition I’ve often found whiskers to be a tasty snack after a night out. Although I don’t fancy the Tom and Jerry structure of life, you see to me mice don’t make appetising side dishes! So I couldn’t be a cat.

Okay   maybe I’d   enjoy freedom. Maybe I should go wild! What about life as a Tiger?
Hmm being a tiger certainly has a lot to like about it. Such as the Tigermajority of animals are afraid of you, even humans but then again they’re…I mean we’re not bravest of mammals.What about a Lion? I loved ‘The Lion King ‘however that was more a tragedy, so maybe not. As Wonderful as Lions or tigers are they have to get up and hunt for all their food and as much I l would love to lie, I won’t , I’d be too lazy to hunt and it’s unlikely there be a takeaway nearby .Anyways for the above reason Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs, Jaguars, Foxes or anything else that needs to hunt every day for their munches wouldn’t appeal to me

Would one be gone barking mad to imagine life as a Bow Wow aka Dog ?  Definitely not as there are many pluses to being a dog. Which include guarantee of food. In addition all I would have to do for attention is play dead or give my adoptive parents the paw. Ah a dog’s life is a beautiful one except for one major factor. They don’t live that long and unlike a cat they haven’t got nine lives. So as great as they are I’ve decide to decline doggy style!

I could be a Bird? Okay straight mark off the life of a chicken, I’ve seen the film Chicken Run.  What about the life of an Eagle? Now that wouldn’t be bad. Nevertheless the truth be told I wouldn’t trust myself to fly …I’ve drank Red Bull before and  it gave me no wings. Damn false advertising.

A Snake…I rather not contain poison.  A Kangaroo? No thanks you. What about a Frog? In many ways this would suit me .For instance a Princess  could  kiss me,  we could marry  and guess what I could become ….Tame my imagination, knowing my luck, I’d end up on a French Restaurant’s plate.Frog

Talking about ending up on a plate I’ve always admired the expression ‘as happy as a pig in shit’ .Nonetheless nearly all of the poor little piggy’s take a stroll to a butchers .So I’ll pass this time.

A Panda? Fuck it there admired for eating bamboo and sleeping the rest of the day .Plus there mostly rare species so I’m definitely going to get the special treatment .Fpandaurthermore I’d  be like Hugh Heffnor cause   their always looking for male pandas to rock the boat. Hey this
is the first one I’m definitely considering.

Maybe I could become a Fish. Obviously not Cod, Haddock, Salmon, or anything that ends up battered. Yet what about a Dolphin they’re always cool or maybe a whale there frigging awesome too. Though I will definitely not become a shark since I am a lover not a hater! #WorldPeace         None the less I shall be honest, I am one who is only kind of able swim. So becoming a soldier of the sea doesn’t really float my boat.

I have often pondered about Gorillas, while observing them in the Zoos  they’ve seemed a little like an innocentarticle-2604010-1D117C4D00000578-291_634x782 prisoner. There very close to us and in history Apes, Monkeys and Gorillas have been treated very poorly, wildly used for medicine testing. In addition, many who know me already would state that I very much  already resemble a gorilla.

Alright then I’ve thought deeply and the result is that there are only two animals who’s lives would really interest me. I’ve e already stated that a panda is in the running and his competitor is an Elephant! Which do appeal to me for their such gentle giants! They’ve got tremendous tusks that can strike terror into nearly all competitors.  However, there are some negatives like humans could end up using me (as an Elephant) as transport or I could possibly end up in a cruel circus.

Now time to choose. Which will I become… my dreams. The answer is one whom I feel would best suit my relaxed lifestyle and that is life as a Panda. Maybe I could save them from extinction and even star in a remake of Disney’s Panda.

So you’ve discovered in this piece the weird places my mind does wonder too. Now come on be honest, you’re thinking what animal you’d become aren’t you? Maybe leave your choice in the Comments.

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Is the question that arrived in my young adulthood.
An Awkward moment, often occurred, when I said, ‘Ah I don’t drink ‘. Suddenly, I appeared as possibly strange. And, I started to question whether I was, a little strange, on the Island named Ireland. You know, with all that exaggerated theme of the drunken Irish and Leprechauns.
As a teen, when somebody asked what are having dude? I would, glare into my vodka and coke, less the vodka, and announce, with shame, ‘’ Oh I’m just have a Pepsi’’. Instantly, the audience, engulfed in banter, is silenced.

Usually, frequently in my youth this got a laugh, ahead of a ‘’ SERIOUSLY man, what you’re having?’’
A minority would inflict upon me a series of Questions, with me supplying tentative indecisive answers. However, the majority, couldn’t care if I did or did not drink, they were going to get Langered! Which was grand – in fact, what I wanted.
• Langered a native Irish slang word for pissed or simply intoxicated.

Alternatively, there was the give it a go crew. These people were fine too, and I did often take the drink [Possibly soon passing it to a mate] Frequently, being asked ’’ well what ya think? Before adding a humorous, ‘’ Can we save you’’. Frequently, I smiled and laughed and ‘’ Eh, not just yet’’.
And No, I’m not saying all drinks taste quite bland and unsavoury to me, I’ve tasted some that I could say were alright- Just not appealing! However, often if I finished one drink it was often celebrated that I was near conversion….That I had been saved!
Consequently, I should state that off course when stating drink, I’m talking about alcoholic drinks –vodka, cider, beer etc!
And I should announce or preach, that my problem is why are people who don’t intake alcohol, are somewhat scrutinised, in the court of socialising by some who feel that the sober shall be jailed or tested?
Hence, drinking alcohol is generally not questioned, but if you don’t, some see you as a refugee amongst native drinkers! I know a little dramatic, but I felt, by some, not all, that you are somewhat a judged as abnormal.
In Addition, people generally accept that you don’t drink, nevertheless, one must have a reason?
Are you allergic? Oh can you not handle it? Were one of your family an alcoholic? Or are you just weird?
Off course, I would love to say I don’t have any reason, but that would a little lie.I do! Kind of, I’m not really sure!Like I didn’t drink on nights out in my late teens as I was nearly always the driver!
In my college years I was pushed more. One such rugby team house party I was severely questioned! I tried to avoid quizzing – but, unfortunately, one of the guests was like a social lecturer and on the discovery that it was  a Red Bull I had – would  decide to investigate.

The investigater announced his judgement that I was a freak and had no place at such a party! Fortunately that night the party organiser announced ‘’ Man, his Life, his choice!’’

Basically, what I’m wishful of being a situation where not drinking isn’t questioned, and possoble just accepted! Like saying you’re allergic to mushrooms.

I feel ,I must state that I actually love the fun and entertainment one can have at bars and parties, and I must admit that my own friends, who like their drink, accept that I  don’t drink  and more importantly it wasn’t a factor that I  didn’t drink!

To conclude, I should state that if somebody you know doesn’t want to drink, don’t peer pressure them! Or if you fill that you don’t want, or just don’t feel like drinking on a certain night don’t drink.

Finally, I once was on a college mystery tour bus, and a large 2 litre bottle was  passed to me, an anthem of down ,down  was roared like an anthem – I didn’t drink, while they were shouting , but when they all gave up and  went uncover and took a large slug!

That drink was a horrible, disgusting mix of everything  that was cheap, and taste delightful- sometimes I go with popular opinion! But, it was a road trip, I did want to be somewhat adventurous…

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Poem : Four Footed Friend

Friend you redefined.
With mind so simple, so kind
You walked without lead
For no leader was in need.

Equal was the contentment
For before that day
In home our buddy did stay
Free and happy; that happiness the reward.

We learnt of the horror
Back road tragedy by
nature’s unnatural four wheeled foe.
Yet undefined  this foggy emptiness.

Serial kid-producer reveals top 10 reasons not to have kids

Originally posted on Barb Taub:

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.

imgresI was lying awake last night, trying to memorize the feeling of everything being right with my family. We’re all healthy, happy, and remarkably satisfied with where we are in life at this exact moment. Even Child #4 has just taken her last ever Uni final, and pronounced herself ready to go off the family payroll.

A friend asked if I ever regretted having so many kids, or the time/money/everything that it took to raise them. She said her book club (having dispensed with the required 8.5 minutes of book-related discussion) were all talking about the reasons their grown children were not producing grandchildren.

That reminded me of this blast-from-the-past I wrote a few years ago.

Top 10 reasons not to have kids

There are actually LOTS of reasons not to have kids. As a serial kid-producer, I offer a revised list:

10. Vermin =…

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