I Clapped My Hands


I clapped my hands

A name

I clapped my hands

A hope

I chapped my hands

A dream.



They Said.


I was told.


They uttered.


I clapped my hands

Please Claire

I clapped my hands

Please Joseph

I clapped my hands

Please Marie


They said

There Near.

They Said

Nearly Here.

They said

There here.

KnocK Knock

It’s late in the night and someone is knocking at your door?

You answer, of course, don’t you?

Or do you?  Did you know somebody was calling?

Did they not knock a little hard?

It’s 1035 at night – Isn’t that a little late?

Oh though it could be…..

Would you answer is not the question I’m asking.

It is how sensible is simply answering the door? Or it is less wise not too?


Last Friday night the Late Late Show, on RTE covered the alarmingly and escalating issue of rural crime. The troubling issue was debated by a panel that consisted of Clonmel Solicitor Kieran Cleary- who represented the Corcoran family in the recent court case which saw the jailing of seven men for aggravated burglary on their home- Mairead Lavery of the Farmers Journal and Paul Williams Crime Correspondent of the Irish Independent.

We heard how the rural town of Littleton, Tipperary, had been tormented by crime during recent years. Viewers watched brave members of Littleton community as they told harrowing stories of the impact crime gangs have had on the area.

A certain grave story was how one women’s house was robbed while she was working in her back garden. Valuable elements of Life – metaphorically swiped under her nose.

When one contemplates such issues they must remember how the Government in recent times has continuously cut numbers of local Garda in .rural Ireland.

Gardai Stations of villages and small towns have increasingly been vacated during the recent recession. Hence, increasingly rural areas are becoming more remote- elderly are living lonely lives where they feel isolated in an increasingly precarious environment.

If you live in a rural location when is that last time that you visited an elderly neighbour? Alternatively, from a different perspective do you possibly feel secluded in an increasingly dodgy environment?

I would question whether the strength of communities is being somewhat diluted in the modern era. The rural community once was deemed as very stable – a feeling of local security, but this ever more been tested in recent times.

Before doors of the countryside weren’t locked- they most definitely are now!

Finally, I ask – which is safer now- an urban city or a rural countryside? In history, people would choose possibly rural Ireland – believing it to be a calm and passive area.

Isn’t the rural, low populated countryside of Ireland safe?However, that aura of the safe countryside is shifting, if not deceased.Many communities are being invaded and rummaged by malicious  gangs.If somebody drove into your farm at night what would you too? Leave valuable elements be taken simply away, or would you be brave or possibly foolish, and interrupt the robbery?

Many countryside areas Gardai are often over a half hour and criminals know this.

Knock Knock?

Who’s  there?

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Terrorism: Humanity’s Dark Cloud

france Eiffel Towers

Do you ever watch the news and judge humanity?

As in judging the creatures of this breed that we all are!

Somewhat seems that Life of a human could occasionally be defined as: Horrific, Brutal and Evil!

Yes, I know that there is so much good in this world.

Nevertheless, the stains seem to be increasingly smudging that wonderful picture.

Today, not good, but normality, seems to be tested constantly by elements of fear and terror.

In France last Friday people walked into certain areas and building to Terrorise and Kill innocent civilians!

The near insane, but unquestionable issue is that Humanity greatest danger is humanity itself.


Another difficulty occurring is how a number of people immediately throw blame. Widely around.

An Ideology which throws a wild undefinable blame on a certain religion or race – a problem of course that has haunted civilisation throughout history.


The people of the world must stay together – that is our greatest test and I believe our greatest strength.

Our Earth is ripe with flowers – we shall not decay!

One day may we Evergreen!

My Self Confessions

My Confession Box

Who is my inappropriate Crush?

Well, I blush and admit that my most recent – I do have quite a few -is Hermione Granger- I mean Emma Watson.

What can one say – she’s just got that magic!

But, the most inappropriate crush I had was on a secondary school teacher – I thought I loved French, but it was just her!

What uncool song is a guilty pleasure of mine?

Firstly, I have been into ‘’ uncool ‘’ songs for most of my life!

But, maybe the one I would hide a little is this tune!

What childhood memory makes me cringe?

Oh there is quite a few that made me cringe!

But, one that I remember as a more awkward moment is  when I was ten and I wore a woolly fleece to school – the teacher said remove that Jacket!  The only problem was  that had nothing under the jacket!

Do I have a secret talent?

I can Scream at an incredibly high pitch…..I should have become an Opera Singer!

What would I tell my 16-year-old self?

Stand Up for yourself! To read away more!

Be a little more confident,

That I should be the one that chooses the path of my life!

Carry On

What am I to be?

That’s the question that I often ponder over.

Somewhat of a continuous debate.

If you ask me once every day of a week you may receive seven diverse  answers!

While often within my mind internal sunshine shines with the warmth of summer on my back.

They are days that I would answer- A writer;  a writer of topical stimulating stories- them pieces that a reader’s mind is stirred by, which sometimes questions some of the society’s formations of opinions.

But, then often I ruminate about such glorious ideas and believe myself to be a liar- but, a liar only to myself.

However, often in these periods of more judgemental, I hear an echo that reverberates around this muddled mind

And then I do the only thing I believe I can do.

I Carry On!

Twitter Troubles

I think some will understand  what I’m on about!

My Twitter account can be often such a lonely and grave place.

Like an avalanche of serious negativity.

Don’t get me wrong I like Twitter, but it’s  a serious sister  of a more friendly FaceBook!

Everyone’s had a bit of FaceBook, your granny, your second cousin, even your son that’s yet to be conceived is on Facebook!

Your next door neighbour is on FaceBook, or BookFace as a friend calls it!

But, they might not be on Twitter.

And that fact, you may or may not be glad of!

It’s Simply like FaceBook is family dinner while Twitter is a more organised, more, angry and serious avenue of communications and debate.

Both of are needed.

However, FaceBook is a buddy, while Twitter is an acquaintance.

And off course WordPress is my Bestie/Counsellor!

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My First Celebrity Crush.

Photo Courtesy of fansided.com

Photo Courtesy of fansided.com

Never, never ever, at the time would I admit that it wasn’t the musical talent that attracted me.

But, I was a guy she was a girl! Can I make it any more obvious?

Her debut album was the first CD I ever had!

I liked the rebellious attitude of her lyrics.

I felt that she had the ability to identify my unique teenage problems.

I must admit I wasn’t a Skater Boy, but I loved the song.

Possibly I thought then that I may be not so cool, but give  me time and I’ll be a Superstar soccer player or something like that.

Memories flood me now of a 14-year-old me singing along, with emotional teen anger, to Losing Grip!!!

I was an angry adolescent.

Sometimes I think now that I’ve become an angry adult?

And then there was, Complicated.

It plays now as I write.

Ah, the memories ….I think we were in Love….Or should I say, I think I was in Love.

Ah long lost Love….

Till I enter YouTube and Knock once again on Avril’s door.

…..Did I hear that she’s  single again?

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Short Story – Star Signs

931556-amazing-antarcticaSlyly I rummaged through the back pages of wrinkled up yesterday paper- searching for Leo

‘’Do you believe in Star Signs?’’ a friend asked.

With my mind befuddled and cheeks blushing just a tad, I announced with an over the top fake laugh.

‘’ I do in my….’’

She replied ‘’ I love them too’’

And took the paper and looked upon Aries.

A smile being gently carved as she read.

‘’ Hmm mine’s interesting ….’’ She said

‘’Apparently I have to find a love that is around the corner. That an admirer is waiting for me’’

Again I stated with a little too much sarcasm ‘’ Oh, maybe that’s the guy that you flirted with while getting that coffee’’ She raised her eyebrows to the heavens. Then I added ‘’ you know tis kind of weird the way he is staring at you come over there’’

She smiled.

‘’ Oh, Is he really?’’

I gave a genuine giggle, ‘’ Well I think he did or maybe he actually walked straight out’’

‘’ Ugh ….Asshole’’ she said as she looked behind her and, saw an empty table across the café.

‘’Sorz’’ I said sarcastically while gladly failing to hide my grin.

What did your star signs say anyway Mr. I  do in my ……..’’ she asked with a stern stating of the last two words.

‘’ Oh that I’m blinded  by a self-allusion  and that I should admit to my soul that my true love is so near that my  love must be ignited or the opportunity  for love will drift, step by step, away’’

Together, we both instantly  burst into laughter.

And then the awkward silence…..

On Own, Yet Never Alone

I stood alone

With problems of my own

A chill

I felt in summer sun

Alone stood I

There I stared Life’s gun

Yet warmth

Crossed my old winter ice

I alone stood

Once more rolling life’s dice

Internal fire

Ignited hope and warmed desires.

On my own

But no longer I alone