My First Phone

My first Phone looked a little like this ….220px-Nokia3510i

Bought this Nokia when 13  – not really as a phone, but more of a really bad fashion accessory ! …I fondly re-call showing this off to all me school bus peeps !….It had Wap…I don’t think I ever used this or even knew what  it was ?.

The young love of my life was lost in school one day….{There’s a story here but for legal reasons I shall make no further statement !

I lost a whole 3 numbers!!! When I lost Nokia 3510 :(

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War :The Horror of This World

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Is it a dream that in the future the term war would only be found in history classes or maybe a word where the meaning would have found in a dictionary. However, since the beginning of time war has seemed a feature event of human life and hence the bloody wars that fill our books of history. Nevertheless we haven’t seemed   have learned little from our tragic past and peace is starting  to look extinct, that’s if it ever existed. Media so often seeks to determine who is wrong and define  the baddy  from the goody, because  Hollywood films  have led us to believe  there is always  a good vs evil battle. However, there sometimes is no good.

What is the Cause of Such Man Made Disasters?

Wars seemed to be so often disguised around religion. I understand that different religions can  develop great disagreements .However, would it be not…

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The Hunted Herd of the Unheard

Morning’s expectant of happiness
Afternoons where the flowers bloom with tender rain drops
Evenings were we never remember regrets
For we truly lived too our best
A night of peace and rejoice, where pain or hurt are words
We have not heard
For I and you, him and her,
Ponder in the wonderment of happy herd
This a Wishful dream in the hunters world.

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