Jurys of Mistaken Judgement

Oh World of Wonder
Once home to people’s ponder
Where the host’s trust was a lust
On the Islands of love, the home of sinless doves
United by the fire of our one heart,
Today, quenched by our hero’s tears.

Science redefines a Land of man
A balanced world stolen by the climbers of a pyramids
Strategies for success create conflicts in nature’s nest
Souls searched for light,
Saviour from the horrors of a life so dim
Surrounded by daggers, now belief has taken flight.

Echoes of Sin on the paths of the lost
Shouting soulless wishes from bloody throats
Trust so quickly sold for a win.
Happiness redefined
As civilisation now searches for a $mile
Society locked by chains as microscopic scissors trims creativity .

Now a mapped race of life
In once nurturing world
Forgive us whom are lost
We can reignite
Don’t give in, don’t fight.
Hope we, you and me, can see.

Mistaken, souls haven’t been lost
Just drawn down a dark sugar coated red brick road
Where sins be sold by demons and foes.
Free the thoughts of innocence
See the forgiveness of gentleness
Softness captures even the mightiest might.

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Ah Here This Way Too Awesumming For A Gramitically Correct Title ….Apologies WordPress


It’s me ! Again! What am I going to rant on about today!  Well lets be honest with you ,I really have no plans for this piece  and  its now  12.51 am ! My mind would be very moody if I attempted to stick it into gear. # HalfAsleep

Oh I was thinking I could tell you things I liked about today ( In Truth the day thats just gone )  like it was a good one !  There was way more smiles than frowns , Now that’s always a good sign.

Oh there   is 2 guys shouting outside my home . I presume their drunk ,well I hope they are  for they  do seem obsessed with mumbling nonsense . A well  there  having what seems to be a drunken debate …..Reminds me a lot of the Irish Parliament  By the way I must make a correction — there is three gentlemen outside the window.  #NearlyFullyAsleep

Anyways back to the late night sloppy writing  that late night blogs of mine regularly feature. What was I on about ?  Oh yeah three things that were wonderful ,admirable , awesome — Forgive my late over  ambition to have gratitude for the good things of  of today that was actually yesterday.

Anyways one of the goodie things that happened was that I was delivered/presented  with a late Christmas present , It was too lovely  thoughtful gifts one was a Mug. Not just any mug however it was a  amusing and unfortunately correct mug ….it was a Mug for Mr .Messy  aka  Me. And the truth is I am  So So So  + One more needlessly used So Messy!!!, However I do clean ! Nevertheless later the same day my world  suffers an avalanche which always leaves myself and my surroundings covered in 21st century muck.

Update: The 3 drunk men have departed the estate it seems .However a woman did give a roar of anger from far …hopefully anyways…far far away.

Anyways back to the gifts ,of which I’m extremely grateful to receive. She, I should mention her name shouldn’t I ? Hmm , she is Rachael – Class colleague, friendly friend and the citizen whom plans to takeover the world ( And believe me she probably will ) gave me a notebook .However, guess  what ? Its a mug with Paris artistry  and had a  page of really funny comment inside .

So if Rachael is really bored and reads this…..Thanks Amigo!

So now I could keep with tradition and write 2 more good things that happened today but my late night mind is constantly whispering ” me so sleepy ”.

So I leave my random /typing to myself finish!

* I fell asleep last night and this fabulously piece is only being published now

* I noticed while re-reading that I seem really happy last night  ….how am I so grumpy today than eh?

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See Yourself

You look through the window
See the girl
As she slides
Down the slope
To where evil hides
She fails to see hope.

You touch the glass
Want her to see that there’s more
You want to hold her, tell what she deserves to be told
That her every heart beat is
Precious, Precious, Precious.

You try to scream to her, she can’t hear
She is lost; she thinks there’s nobody there
Searching for the dreams
That are so close, there at her fingertips
Hidden behind her problems
Those dreams are eclipsed
But she could still reach the stars
Hurt now, you know, you see the scars.

Friends and family reach out
You cry out for her to listen
Beg her to try
Your heart breaks
As you see her stumble
Take another tumble.

You see her shoulders ache
Weight of the world
Facing another heartbreak
She downs another bottle,
Determined to live life full throttle
Hoping her blues will drown
Racing down that destructive path
She can’t stop
Chasing highs to escape the lows.

You see caring friends throw her a rope
But she’s cutting all ties
Accuses them of lies
As if she wants to fall
You want to hug her, save her
Ask why? How could she not care
How can’t she see
Truly that this way
She cannot stay.

You plead that dark days don’t last forever
She has to fight
Even when that narrowing tunnel has no light
Yet she has no desire
Engulfed by the demons fire
Playing with the flames, to her its lustful games

The bottle begins to roll
The party slows; craziness begins to take its toll
You see her face
Much like your own except older
Worn like a faded picture
From a life that’s been torn.

You pray
She’ll last another year
Find somebody
Who cares
Can dry her tears
Will save her from the fall
A hero?

Then a spark flashes
Finally the bottle crashes
The glass smashes
The mirror shatters
It’s your life which is in tatters.

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Not Our World

Camouflaged by cries and moans
In the middle of a hundred beds
You’re in pain
Too sad to even cry
Too weak to even try
Submerged in hurt, your heart sinks,

Make no sound
Knowing silence is best
Must stay hidden in this mess
A child’s soul silently shatters
Every day harder, every dawn a challenge
Dreamless nights, days of nightmares.

Malnourished, body and mind
Tummy rumbles, fingers fumble
A stumble and life tumbles
Any hope crumbles
You miss your Mom
Never told why and where she’s gone.

‘Mama Mama’ you wake
But mamma’s not there, frightened you remember
You’re actually here
A dad, you never had
A father is foreign to you
Like Christmas and birthdays
Smiles and laughs
Hopes and joys.

Your little brother lays next to you
So sick he looks older
He’s ill, but could be cured with a pill
Yet that will not come and one morning
He will lie so perfectly still.
You shiver as you touch his skin
So cold
He is scared
Tears slide silently down
Hungry hollow cheeks.

You watched greedy hands get passed dirty cash
They traded your sister
Grabbed by the wrist and now you miss her
A thousand miles away a rich man pays to kiss her
She’s a business man’s late night joy ride.

It’s a struggle for you to find hope
The emptiness gives no inspiration
Forgotten aspirations what is your future
Have you a future.

Far far away
A little child plays with a toy, made by a little boy
Society turns a blind eye.

Far far away
To our conscious we do lie.
A little boy walks to a window.

Looks up from down low
And wishes on a falling star
A Simple wish, but we are blind to this.

He wants us to remember where the unlucky are.
The whole world shares the same sky
But there is such a distance.

Too much between rich and poor
We distance them, it’s not our world.

It’s a Third World.


3 Things I Liked About Today

16 January 2015

Well what made me smile a little today?

Did I get the Friday Feeling? Not exactly but there was more goodies than baddies .A lot more!

1 At 3:07 I ended a 3 hour conservation with a good friend and I don’t just mean that lightly, he really is ! One who listens to someone’s problems and is brave enough to tell me I’m wrong or being silly! To my face or to my ear as it was a phone call. I started the Conversation down and grumpy and ended it hyper and happy.

2/ Finished another essay. Simple Relief!

3/ Finally I ate a healthy dinner and I had a big load of Savage Spinach!!! #PopeEye

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3 Things I Liked About Today

Day 5: Oh it a grizzles and sniffles here in Ireland. Rain  Rain  Go Away Come Again Another Day! #BarneySangInspirationSongs

So 3 Things

1/ I’m feeling good.Oh yes simple but true.

2/ Looked up some masters degree’s.  Its Will I ,Wont I,Can I Should I

. 3/ I’m studying and working harder in college than I ever have before #DegreeMeNeedsYou #DegreeDon’tYouNeeMeToo That’s The Trio of Good  Things


I spread my branches
Cast shadows across the land
Here is where I’ve grown
This is all I’ve Known
I am Wood Earth and Evolution
Stood still and watched revolution
Seen a thousand sun sets
Will die.Have lived
I survived
I’m alive                                                                             Evergreen


3 Things I Liked About Today

Well Yesterday wasn’t a great day for me there was few great moments ! Therefore I decided to pass on the 3 Good Things L But no worries for I’ve three today!

1/ I read some of my old poems of which I’ve written over the years .Tis always nice for a look back at tales ,emotions and perspectives from the past.

2/I’m considering doing a masters . I may not do one but the thought excites me a little bit.

3/I asked friends what have they achieved in their life that their now proud of? Then they returned the question…and I stuttered and said ‘’nothing’ ’then I realised I was wrong! I actually have achieved a few things

1: I got really really sick in my fourth year of college…but I’m back for second go and hopefully even with problems I’ll get that degree!

2: I’ve been editor of the College Magazine. I’ve had articles in local papers, magazines and online.

3) Finally I’ve done good charity work within the college and very often donate. For instance I organised a fundraiser for a local Care for Animals centre.

So there are some things that I should be proud of ! Of course hopefully there will be in my life a lot lot more.


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