Miserable Monday With Additional Toothpaste


What makes a happy Tik Tok day become a bad Tok Tik day? Well todays one of them tok tik days, a day when somebody says how are you? And the delayed answer is Um…ah…I don’t….before you realise the happy passer-by has happily walked away (from my traumatic tornado). That is something that actually makes me…well not actually say anything, nevertheless, it can make this friendly chap occasionally groan. Oh how I have groaned a lot today. Happiness was lost today when the writer here realised that he was not needed! How could I not be needed ? Don’t they know I need to be needed! You see today is Clubs &Socs day. How on Clubs and Sacs day could I not be needed!

What can I say I like to help? But I accepted it, I was no longer a leader. The creative writing society needs new blood and what the hell them two ladies that never were seen in Drama before is just what the Drama Society dramatically needs as leaders. And as the new editor of the magazine that me and my friends created said ‘ Wouldn’t you be too busy’ when I signed up to contribute. Yes of course I’m too busy to write 300 words a month. Damn it your right.

So I done what Strong men do…I bought chocolate because I needed some love. Then I steamed off hot headedly off to a friend’s gaff to do what I believe the Oxford Dictionary would call bitching. The Doorbell went Ding Dong …Ding Dong now …etc etc.! Oh now everything had gone wrong.

Did I say I wasn’t in good mood?                                                                                                                                                                                                  Just a typical Miserable Monday

Finally did I mention I discovered half way through today that I now use toothpaste as a makeup foundation? Note to Self-do remember to look in the Mirror please.

P.S Some of the facts I have stated here may be a misunderstanding that may be later understood or whatever!


Disagree Dude


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Did I ever mention sometimes I like to disagree…a lot of the time for no reason.

You see people tend not to notice when somebody is just in the mood to draw their sword and win the battle of nonsense! You see the moody battler,.if like the writer here, may make up fictional facts and only the clever can beat that!

Naturally, if you’re unlike me you may not understand the brains of the disagree dude! Oh how  some fools not understand! Nonetheless  us Disagree dudes sometimes  meet or match, who  have something very dangerous ,which only the foolish have, they  have an Enormous ego. When the Disagree dudes  meet the Ego eejits  there is the great battle,for the Disagree dude seeks to take a sharp pin to their rivals inflated ego and burst their bubble.

Nevertheless, the disagree dude may know that he may never win…

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Anger Management! Music I Play When a Temperamental Mood Hits …Now If You’re Moody Shut The Door And Lets Let The Anger Out!!!


So the bedroom door is locked ?    Let the rage ignite and the aggression erupt from you!  Maybe even kick over a bin!

My Chemical Romance –Famous Last Words

Sing It!! ‘ I’m not afraid to keep on living ,I’m not afraid to walk this road alone ‘  Now if you’re  like me you screamed it!

Evanescence-Everybody´s fool

Love can burn the greatest flames of rage.

Green Day: -Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

The Princes of Fury.

Limp Biscuit –Break stuff

It’s just one of those days!! :/

Paramore- ignorance

How can  disagree…oh the ignorance Camera….great song!

Eamonn Fuck it

If like me you’re searching  for that one word to show your fierce emotion or mood…  yet can’t find…next best  is  as we all know F*#k You!

Metallica – St. Anger

The Kings of Fury

Welcome to My Life- Simple Plan

Big Fake Smiles and Perfect Lies…..yup we’re all pro’s at faking Smiles…Even Happiness.

Pink- So What

Pink  the Lady who  knows  how anger can be made a symphony !

Adam Lambert- Aftermatch

Okay the Rage has slowed ..a little  bit… emotions  starts  to pinch.

NickelBack- If Everybody Cared

You’re  beginning to  think …what if? Everybody cared!


Well that’s it, hopefully with the Headphones blaring you’ve lost some of that anger….Always  works for  me!

Oh and now one last final track!

Lily Allen – URL Badman

Now open the door walk back out into this treacherous World and Remember you are a Champion!


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